Sustainability - LATAM Airlines Group

The aim of being one of the top three airlines in the world is leveraged from a sustainable approach that balances our actions in the economic, social and environmental spheres.

We do business on the pursuit of today’s successful results, while caring about the financial soundness in the long run, always considering our socio-environmental performance. For this reason, corporate governance in LATAM Airlines Group incorporates the vision of sustainability in every decision taken in command of the company. View More

Corporate Citizenship

Our presence as leaders in the region gives us a great responsibility towards the communities of the countries where we are present, the clients we carry, the people we employ, and the suppliers with whom we partner. Therefore we seek to maximize our contribution to all these groups, making the destinations where we operate a better place every day.

As part of our commitment to social sustainability, we have defined a strategy of Corporate Citizenship, which aims to promote sustainable tourism and social investment initiatives. View More

Environmental Performance

Our Company’s environmental performance is focused on operational efficiency and a responsible management and control of our impacts. This is why we are 15% more efficient than the industry average globally, making permanent efforts to reduce our CO2 footprint.

In order to materialize our environmental management from an aligned approach with the core business we have developed a strategy to mitigate climate change. We manage our impact generation working from a responsible use of resources, the renewal of our fleet and a constant seek for new technologies through research and development.

Download our Safety, Quality and Environment Policy here.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

We are part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Market indexes since 2012. And since 2014, LATAM Airlines Group, became the first airline group in the Americas to join the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, after being chosen from a select group of companies leading in sustainability for its administration of economic performance, social responsibility and environmental management.

By joining the index, LATAM Airlines Group also became one of only two companies –along with Air France-KLM Group- in the aviation industry currently listed in the Dow Jones World.

Among the economic, social and environmental dimensions that the Dow Jones Sustainability Index uses to assess the selected companies are: Social Reporting, Human Capital Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Corporate Governance, Environmental Management, Environmental Reporting, Climate Strategy, Efficiency and Customer Relationship Management, among others.

We have had a sustained growth in the scores of the three analyzed dimensions since we first entered in 2012. In 2014, in the environmental category, LATAM Airlines Group achieved the highest performance worldwide in the industry in the areas of Operational Eco-Efficiency and Climate Strategy/ Climate Change Governance. This is thanks to the management that the company has developed around fuel efficiency and thus reducing CO2 emissions, having one of the lowest rates of CO2 emissions per passenger-mile in the global airline industry.