Our mission is to connect people safely, with operational excellence and joy in an effort to become passengers’ first choice airline, carrying two-thirds of passengers in the region, and one of the top three airline groups in the world.

Our Company values safety above all else, while caring for our passengers, pursuing operational excellence and constant improvement in our operations and working as a single, coherent team.

To accomplish this mission, we have developed a strategic plan based on five essential factors for success:

Network Leadership:

We will strengthen our route network in South America to offer our passengers the best options, creating the best connectivity within the region. We will leverage our position as the only airline group in the world with a local presence in seven home markets and international and regional operations, backed by improved infrastructure at certain major hubs to further increase connectivity within the region over the next three years.

Brand leadership and customer experience:

We are constantly working to become the first choice airline among passengers through a unique passenger experience, leveraging digital mobile technology and developing a single, unified brand, culture, product and value proposition.

Cost competitiveness:

We will redefine our cost structure to improve our competitiveness and simplify our organization, increasing flexibility and speed in decision making. Our goal is to reduce total costs by approximately 5% of total operating costs, through 2018. These savings will be compounded by synergies captured in the merger of LAN and TAM and projected efficiency gains resulting from new fleet technology.

Organizational Strength:

We want LATAM Airlines Group to become a group of passionate people working in a single, aligned model with inspiring leaders, in order to deliver distinctive value to our customers while building a healthy and sustainable company.

Proactive risk and stakeholder management:

We must conduct an in-depth and responsible analysis of risks in the decision-making process, particularly given the multinational nature of LATAM Airlines Group.

Our main strengths are:

  • Leading and unique presence in South America
  • Geographically diversified revenue base, including both Passengers and Cargo
  • Large network of destinations and best partners for connectivity
  • “Low Cost” business model in domestic operations
  • Modern fleet with streamlined fleet strategy
  • Efficient processes
  • Strong brands teamed with key global strategic alliances
  • Track record of growth and profitability and access to financing
  • Renowned loyalty programs